Mulhurst Camp Packing List (Please label everything)

► Sleeping bag & pillow

► Flashlight

► Swim suit (one piece)

► Beach towel

► Sun screen

► Clothing for active outdoor living

► Hat (important)

► Insect Repellant

► Jacket

► Sweaters

► Pants

► Underwear

► Pajamas

► Rainwear

► Instrument (optional)

► Water Bottle

► 2 pairs of shoes, one old (one should have closed toes, for running games and challenge course activities)

► Personal toilet items (Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Shampoo/Body Wash, Deodorant, etc…)

► Bible (Whatever version you or your camper enjoys)


Please do not bring: snack food, radios, money, electronic games & gadgets, phone cards, cell phone, i-pods, food, or expensive jewelry.  (If these items are brought, they are stored in the camp office for safe keeping during the week.)



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