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Transforming Lives Around Edmonton, AB

Mulhurst Camp started in 1945 on the east shore of Pigeon Lake near Edmonton, AB. Over more than half a century, we have seen countless lives transformed as youths develop leadership skills and families experience God’s love. Our supporters, campers, volunteers, and donors bless us every year to make it all happen. Today, we offer camps for every age and many special events. While our roots are in the Lutheran Church, we have no requirements or expectations for becoming Lutheran. Our denomination is founded on the concept of grace, so come one and all and join us at camp!

Mulhurst Camp’s mission is to experience God’s love in a natural setting. We’re passionate about sharing our beautiful scenery and campgrounds with Lutherans and non-Lutherans from all walks of life, helping people from around Canada enjoy a break from day-to-day life surrounded by nature and fellowship.

Our Vision and Values

Our vision is for a community where all can reach their full potential in spiritual awareness and servant leadership. All of our camp programs and events contain an element of this vision as we grow and spread the message of God’s love and humility with guests.

Based on our mission and vision for Mulhurst Camp, we follow a set of organizational values each day:

  • A culture of camping
  • Dedication to the service of God and others
  • Spiritual rejuvenation in nature
  • Leadership development
  • Creativity and teamwork
  • Community volunteerism
  • Personal care and growth for children, youth, and families


Mulhurst Lutheran Church Camp Association was incorporated as a Society on October 29, 1988 to continue the work of the original “Bible Camp” established in 1945 on the eastern shores of Pigeon Lake.

  • 1945 (February 18): Motion by Jack Hennig that Luther Leaguers of Alberta establish their own camp. Several pastors were appointed to find a suitable location. Nine acres were purchased on Pigeon Lake from George Mulligan for $1,000
  • 1946: The Luther League Bible Campsite was dedicated to the service of God on July 21, 1946
  • 1947: Construction went full steam ahead, beginning with a lodge known as the “Red Barn”
  • 1948: Second adjoining parcel of land, 15.3 acres, was purchased from Mr. Mulligan, again for $1,000. A kitchen with a bedroom was built to the north of “Red Barn”
  • 1947–1952: Cooks worked on a volunteer basis. The camp was used for only two weeks in the summer, teaching leadership courses to young people
  • 1951: Three cabins were built to the south for the boys and two larger to the west for the girls. A dining hall was attached to the north side of the kitchen
  • 1953: More camps were added to the program, up to six weeks, with more cooks volunteering. Leadership courses continued to be held. Resource people were brought in from as far away as the United States
  • 1955: Pastor N. Gloeckler purchased a bell for the camp in Germany
  • 1959: The Cooks Cabin was built, a quiet spot for rest and relaxation
  • 1963: The first camp telephone was installed
  • 1964: May 25, electricity came to camp
  • 1966: 128.9 acres of land were purchased across the road from the camp for $8,100, which would serve well for Outpost Camps
  • 1967: Project ’67. When Canada celebrated its 100th Anniversary, the Western Canada Synod (as it was then called), adopted projects to commemorate the event. One project was to remove the “Red Barn” at the camp and build a lodge in its place. It was completed in 1968 at a cost of $41,000
  • 1972: There was more interest in campgrounds for the whole family, so an area was opened to self-contained trailer campers
  • 1975: A sauna was built near the lake, thanks to a group of Finnish nationals
  • 1974: Still under the auspices of the Synod, a five-year development plan was approved, which included many improvements and asked for congregational support. Congregations improved and named their adopted cabins
  • 1977: A separate Mulhurst Board was organized that resulted in even more improvements such as the sewer system, lagoon, and trailer sites equipped with power
  • 1979: An equipment shed was built on the farm property, thanks to Roland Baron, who saw an opportunity to salvage and reassemble a Lilydale Poultry barn at Devon. A full-time caretaker, Chester Lindgren, came in 1979, and volunteered for about 14 years
  • 1980s: Pastor Jim Chell donated seed money and labour to provide comfortable accommodation (Chell’s Cabin)
  • 1988: The camp was turned over to an association of Lutheran congregations for the sum of $1.00. A constituting meeting was held on October 29, 1988, and a new board elected. By the next year, 30 congregations had joined the association with financial support. Summer camps flourished and facility rentals helped generate revenue
  • 1996: Thanks to the Baron family, a functional trailer washroom and shower house was installed at the campground
  • 1997: An Oktoberfest was organized in Edmonton to help fund ministry and became an annual event for many years
  • 1999: A Quonset hut was donated, an excellent shelter for family and group functions. With games area, a large BBQ, and fire pit, it makes an ideal picnic area. 12 new sites were developed in the weekend camping area with gravel pads and electrical outlets
  • 2004: The decision was made to replace some of the aging cabins. This resulted in a three-pod design that has bunk space for 42 people
  • 2005: Planning began to celebrate Mulhurst Camp’s 60th anniversary in June 2006
  • 2011: A dining shelter was built to the south of the lodge with sidewalk to the lodge. A tent was added to the shelter during the 65th anniversary
  • 2014: A much needed office building was moved on site
  • 2015: A roof was added to the office building for aesthetics

For 70 years, people of all ages have learned about God, volunteered, played, supported, worked, and strengthened their faith at Mulhurst Camp near Edmonton, AB. You can help us continue the tradition by giving a gift on our donate page.

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