Transforming Lives

Mulhurst Camp started in 1945 on the east shore of Pigeon Lake near Edmonton, AB. Over more than half a century, we have seen countless lives transformed as youths develop leadership skills and families experience God’s love. Our supporters, campers, volunteers, and donors bless us every year to make it all happen. Today, we offer camps for every age and many special events. While our roots are in the Lutheran Church, we have no requirements or expectations for becoming Lutheran. Our denomination is founded on the concept of grace, so come one and all and join us at camp!

Mulhurst Camp’s mission is to experience God’s love in a natural setting. We’re passionate about sharing our beautiful scenery and campgrounds with Lutherans and non-Lutherans from all walks of life, helping people from around Canada enjoy a break from day-to-day life surrounded by nature and fellowship.

Our Vision and Values

Our vision is for a community where all can reach their full potential in spiritual awareness and servant leadership. All of our camp programs and events contain an element of this vision as we grow and spread the message of God’s love and humility with guests.

Based on our mission and vision for Mulhurst Camp, we follow a set of organizational values each day:

  • A culture of camping
  • Dedication to the service of God and others
  • Spiritual rejuvenation in nature
  • Leadership development
  • Creativity and teamwork
  • Community volunteerism
  • Personal care and growth for children, youth, and families

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