The excitement is building! 

Thanks to the generosity of many donors, Mulhurst Camp is thrilled to have received approximately $760,000 in donations and pledges for the renovation and expansion of the lodge. With these funds we were able to complete Phase 1, an insulated new roof on the existing lodge and the temporary fix to the kitchen. The second phase, extension of the dining hall and deck is complete. The third and final stage includes kitchen, handicap washrooms etc needs to be funded and built at approximately $750,000.

Ways to Support Mulhurst Camp

You can prayerfully consider mailing a donation, sending a donation online, or another legacy option to help us continue hosting camps.

Donations by Mail:

Mulhurst Lutheran Camp, Box 78
Mulhurst, AB T0C 2C0

Credit card: 

Use your VISA or MasterCard by calling the office at (780) 900-7907 or use the Canada Helps link


Memorial packets to honour family and friends are available for easy donating by contacting the office


Perhaps a better way for some donors to give is to donate securities such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Mulhurst Camp has established a brokerage account that can receive securities and issue a charitable receipt. Federal incentives introduced in early 2006 have made it very attractive to donate securities that have appreciated in value. Canadians are not taxed on the capital gain when they donate securities to a charity.

Gifts in kind: 

Receipts are available for the fair market value of larger gifts. A purchase receipt or an evaluation of the item is necessary to issue a charitable receipt.

Planned Giving, leaving a legacy: 

A legacy makes us think of our lives and asks the question, “What is my purpose in life?” Inspire future generations with a legacy gift. Including Mulhurst Camp in your will can transform lives and is a wonderful way to support and sustain this ministry.

If you have questions or would like to be involved with your time or finances, please contact

Donate Online Through Canada Helps

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