MADD Camp (Ages 10-18) July 29-August 3

Music... Art... Dance... Drama...a few of the many arts that each of us have a talent in. Whether you love to write, sing, draw, sculpt, or something else -- this is the camp for you! 

Even if you think you aren't creative - think again - everyone has unique creative abilities!

M.A.D.D. Camps goal is to share a space with our diverse age of campers where they may create to their hearts content, and have the opportunity to learn new skills and experience several artistic varieties.

Trust us, you’ll go M.A.D.D., without this in your summer.

COST: $300 + GST

Register:  2018 Camp Registration Form

Reduced cost for a 2nd sibling. 

Call to inquire about subsidized camping 780-389-2174 

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