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Upcoming Retreats

Love with Heart, Soul, Strength and Mind. 

A Ladies Retreat weekend: Mental Health Focus

Focus on the greatest commandments with an emphasis on an aging population. We will be joined by chef Barb Benson also a long time ladies retreat attendee. 

We will ponder:

  • aspects of heart health

  • faith enrichment

  • brain bolstering at any age

  • trying to stay fit as we age

  • how to help those around us

If we are to love God with our heart, soul, mind and strength they need to stay in as good a condition as possible! Central to all of this is caring for our neighbours and ourselves.

For each session we will look to see what hints Scripture provides, what this means in our lives and how to develop each area for our own mental and physical health.

At Mulhurst Camp: sessions with Marg Daly and projects with Helen Bowden

May 5-May 7, 2023 | $160  | AGE 18+

Arrive 5-6pm on Friday              

Departure 2:00pm on Sunday

Deadline to Register:  April 26

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