The Excitement is Building!


The Excitement is Building!

Thanks to the generosity of many donors we have approximately $745,000 in donations and pledges but funds were short to meet the requirement to build in 2016.

We are excited, but we have a way to go to fully fund this project. We had hoped that a provincial grant that we had applied for would be successful, but that was not the case.

Fundraising is continuing for the additional $700,000 needed to complete this project.

Moving Ahead

Installing a new roof on the lodge was done in April as part of the renovation project. We hope to complete the project in phases as money becomes available. A second stage will begin this fall by adding to the hall, as per the plan, and bringing the present kitchen up to code for May 2018.

Please prayerfully consider how you might help bring this project to completion.

Need more info? Building: Leon Specht 780-219-1760, Fundraising: Lorraine Kalis 780-490-0882

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