Donate to Camp Sponsorship: “Kids to Camp”

Many of those who wish to attend our camps in the summer are unable to due to financial constraints. Direct application for funding is made annually through the Program Director, and funds received by donation through our “Kids to Camp” are dispersed on a per need basis. Please donate  to allow the ministry of Mulhurst Camp to assist those who cannot afford the registration fees. 

Donate to the Memorial Fund

Honour the life of one who has passed by donating to the camp in their memory.  

Donate to the Program Budget

We always need funds to support purchase of new equipment (sports), craft supplies, t-shirts for all staff and campers to wear, and of course replacement of worn out items.  We try to reuse all we can , accept many donations, and respect the environment as well, but we always need funds for bug spray, candles, first aid, ... ETC!

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