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Therapy Dog: Nico!

Hi, my name is Nico, short for St. Nicholas. Can you guess when I was born? My litter
mates and I all have Christmas names, because we were born on Christmas Eve. Camp
Wellness Animal or Therapy Dog is my role here at Mulhurst Camp this summer.


To be a Therapy Dog, I had to undergo evaluations to be certified by the organizations
that supervise my work with humans. PAWSS McEwan University Animal Therapy
Program and St. John Ambulance Dog Therapy Program are the two organizations that I
am certified with. I had to pass tests where I demonstrated that I could handle working
and being calm in many different types of situations. My handler Monica also had to
demonstrate that I listen well, am obedient and can follow her commands.


My job is to bring joy and smiles to people. Helping to calm, destress and support
mental wellness is what Animal Assisted Interactions (AAI) with animals like me provide.
I love people and work regularly as a Therapy Dog at several places in Edmonton: an
elementary school, Grant McEwan University and a hospice. In the summer of 2022, I
started working at Mulhurst camp too.


You can tell when I am working if I am wearing my vest or bandana. When I am not
working, I am with my family in Edmonton or at our lake cabin. Long walks, belly rubs,
swimming and treats are some of my favourite things. I hope to get the chance to meet
you here at our ‘Place in the Son.’

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