Rentals, Family Vacations, and More at Pigeon Lake

Mulhurst Camp operates year round, offering a variety of rentals perfect for groups or families for any occasion. So, whether you’re looking for the perfect wedding or reunion, we’ve got you covered! Read more about our incredible options below.

Main Lodge

Located at the heart of Mulhurst Camp, the main lodge includes a large kitchen and overlooks the shores of Pigeon Lake. The cozy fireside meeting room includes plenty of comfortable seating for visiting and relaxing, and even a piano if anyone in your group is musically inclined for an evening of live music. The dining room can accommodate up to 140 guests. If you need kitchen staff and cooks for your event in the main lodge, just ask us and we’ll help you make arrangements.


We have a variety of cabins and sleeping accommodations. You can rent one or two cabins for your family or speak to us about planning a larger event with multiple cabins rented at a time. The sleeping arrangements include various setups such as single rooms, doubles, and bunk beds. All bathrooms and showers are located at the center of the camp for sharing as well as inside the main lodge.

Chell’s Cabins

This gem of a cabin is tucked away from the rest of camp and perfect for all kinds of relaxing getaways. The secluded location is an excellent private area for couples, families, individuals who are looking for time away. This cabin is named after Pastor Jim Chell in honor of his dedicated work at the camp.

The fully equipped cabin features two small bedrooms (accommodates four people), a kitchen and eating area, living room, and bathroom. It is heated and available for rental all year round, alone or alongside other rental facilities at the camp for additional space. If you’d like to see the cabin before booking, please call ahead for tours.


Eden Lodge is our newest amenity featuring 48 single bedrooms, equipped with single beds, closet, desk and chair. These are perfect sleeping accommodations for large events: weddings, reunions, family gatherings etc. Located next to the lodge, it is easy access to the kitchen and lodge dining area.

Open Air Dining Shelter

This versatile open-air shelter, located adjacent to the main lodge overlooking the lake, is perfect for additional dining space, theatre-style entertainment, and other large events. The structure features collapsible vinyl walls for all weather conditions, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air on a nice day without the worry of cancelling due to rain and lack of shelter.

Quonset Picnic Shelter

This unique Quonset (half-circle) multipurpose shelter was donated in 1999. The open outdoor area is perfect for picnics, family reunions, celebrations, birthday parties, special gatherings, and more. The shelter is equipped with a BBQ, large campfire pit, and water pump outside, as well as stoves, a fridge, and a deep freezer inside. Access is by a footpath from the campground or by its own driveway. To view the shelter in person, please call ahead for tours.


Located at the edge of the sandy beach by the lake this amenity is available to rent for your event. This is the real deal. It is a wood burning sauna!

Reservations and Inquiries

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