LIT Program

Mulhurst Camp believes strongly in providing opportunities for youth to develop their skills and take initiative in their communities through volunteer work and leadership development.

We offer a program called the Leaders In Training (LIT) program, previously (SIT), designed to develop and enrich camp programming and youth confidence in leadership at Mulhurst Camp. 

Training and volunteer hours are flexible and occur during the summer programming months.  Please keep an eye out here for further details regarding the application process for seasonal volunteer opportunities for the 2021 season.

Skills you'll gain as a Leader In Training:

Time Management

Every moment of camp is planned to make the most of the time we have. It goes by quickly so all leaders at the camp, learn to focus on prioritization and effective time management.


Leaders who show organization excel. As an LIT, your organization skills will be used when planning and executing activities, finding and utilizing supplies and organizing yourself and others in group settings.


Camp thrives when leaders can demonstrate a strong understanding of creativity and it's place in children's programming. Designing and implementing programming is an area of focus for the LIT program.


A key to resourcefulness is flexibility. Each and every day at camp is an opportunity to test your skills in this area. Working with people in unique and exciting settings can require resourcefulness on a daily basis.​


Leadership involves effective collaboration that shows communication, flexibility and compromise. The camp setting thrives when the leaders demonstrate this value.​


Without communication, not much would be possible when in comes to effective programming. You'll practice communication skills applicable to leading groups of varying sizes, collaboration with peers, as well as with camp staff.

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