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Learn About Us!

History in the Making

Our story started in 1945 on the east shore of Pigeon Lake. Over the past 75 years, there have been many laughs, songs and memories shared. Our supporters, campers, volunteers, and donors bless us every year to make it all happen. Our camp operates all year long to provide impactful programs and opportunities for all through our camp’s mission and vision.

Today, we offer opportunities to gather with others and rent spaces for a variety of needs. We are excited to expand our community and we would be blessed to have you and your family join our community. While our roots are in the Lutheran Church, we have no requirements or expectations for people in our community to become Lutheran or Christian. We’re passionate about sharing our beautiful scenery and campgrounds with people from all walks of life, helping people from around Canada enjoy a break from day-to-day life surrounded by nature. 
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