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Current Projects

Expanding to the East

We can’t wait to share with you our new East expansion of the Lodge. In 2017 we doubled the dining hall to accommodate more of you at one time and now we are completing the East expansion.


When complete, you will be able to use our commercial grade kitchen and fully accessible facility. With the funds we graciously received from Ulla and Poul Thomsen, we will be able to complete the shell. Our hope is that we can continue to gather enough funds to complete the East expansions interior and that this may be matched by a provincial facilities grant.

With your help, we can finish the expansion with:

  • Electrical service

  • Insulation

  • Wall finishing

  • Floor coverings

  • Commercial grade kitchen with walk-in cooler

  • Bathroom fixtures

  • Landscaping

  • Upgrading of septic system

Donate by using our online donation form, or one of our other accepted payment methods.

Building Fundraiser
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