Upcoming Events

Events are planned throughout the year to bring our community together! Events such as Pioneer Day happen yearly, while there are also events for special days such as Mother's Day and Father's Day, Family Day and Christmas. 


Check on this page below and on our calendar for details of upcoming events.

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Mulhurst Reunion

 $20 or $50 flat fee for families

Aug 27-28  10am-4pm  (+4pm till Sunday Aug 28 at noon for alumni) 

Join us for a Mulhurst Reunion on August 27th (& August 28th for our past staff and volunteers)! ALL are welcome (campers young and old, new and experienced!) to gather for camp activities run by this year's program team between 10 am - 4 pm on Saturday. Come slip-n-slide, worship together, join in a game of speedball, play giant dutch blitz, canoe/kayak, and partake in many other camp favourites! Lunch is included in the registration cost for Saturday. 


Past staff AND past program volunteers (alumni) are invited to stay overnight the evening of the 27th - for even more time to reminisce on memories shared together at camp! Shared cabin and single room accommodations are available for alumni, in addition to campsites within the campground. Dinner and breakfast are also included for alumni visitors during their stay.($30) Departure on Sunday is noon for alumni guests.

Our VISION to experience God's love in a natural setting.

Our MISSION is to create a community where all can grow in spiritual awareness and servant leadership.