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Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Hello Mulhurst Camp community. We really want to keep you all in the loop of all things happening here at camp! Because there are so many exciting things to come in our future. We thought what better way to do this th

en to have a one stop location here, where you could get a brief update from either me or a guest writer!? A place that when you are thinking of Mulhurst Camp you just need to head on over here and have a look see. Our goal is to have an online spot that will keep you informed, educated, entertained and fulfilled. We will work on bringing Mulhurst to you at least twice a month. We would love to know what you want to hear about?

! Just click on the comment bubble.

So with that being said WELCOME! I think it would be an understatement to say that these last few months have rocked many of our worlds. Here at the camp it has been no different. No one would have imagined that there would be a summer here

without children’s laughter filling the Lodge! Yet I have seen some amazing things happening around here! Through Canada Summer Jobs we were still able to provide employment to 8 individuals! Even through this time of uncertainty this group of summer staff took it in stride and were so eager to help out in any way they could. From clearing fence lines and downed trees to putting Mulhurst on the map with our amazing programs going online. Have you seen “The Great Hike!” Gather the family around and watch all 5 episodes. Each one less than 5 minutes but filled with a daily lesson for the whole family. Get your fill of camp and meet the summer staff!

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