Benefits of Summer Camps

  • Camping without parents pushes kids to try new activities and experiences outside of their comfort zone.
  • It’s a great opportunity to discover themselves and find new hobbies or passions to take home.
  • Kids figuring things out for themselves at summer camp are more likely to find things that make them happy or places where they excel.
  • Children and teens develop strong social skills as they communicate with new people and work together as teammates and as leaders.
  • The responsibilities of camp life are new and different and challenge youth to step into more maturity and responsibility in a safe environment. The summer camp experience teaches campers the consequences and results of making their own decisions with the safety net of trained counsellors.
  • Kids learn what works and what doesn’t and discover more about themselves and the world around them in a way that fosters greater independence and self-reliance. Instead of parental dependency, campers learn to look to their peers for support and cooperation outside of normal academic life.

Character-Building Experience

Beyond social skills, Mulhurst Camp teaches kids the value of hard work and perseverance as they set and achieve goals throughout the program. The character-building experiences teach the core values of ethics, honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility that make teamwork and projects possible.

Parents often tell us their children come back more kind and changed for the better after their experience at camp, with new friends and skills built along the way!

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