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Join our 2023 Summer Staff Team

Mulhurst Camp is looking for a dynamic group of dedicated individuals with a desire to put Mulhurst Camp Programming on the map.

Applications are open and close February 24.

Come and experience Mulhurst in 2023!



Positions Available (see job summary below or full descriptions in the application):

1. Camp Lead (co-lead) (Program lead)

2. Camp Lead (co-lead) (LIT(Leaders In Training) and Admin lead)

3.Camp Counsellor (4 positions)

4.First Aid Attendant

5.Lifeguard (Beach)

6. Head Camp Cook

7. Camp Cook’s Helper

8. Campground Maintenance Helper


Camp Lead (co-lead) Program

This Summer Program Lead will provide leadership in Summer Programming and begin fall program planning. Curriculum, scheduling and overseeing programs and staff will be the majority of this individual's role. Cooperatively with other program lead, there will be promotion of summer programs and planning of staff training weeks.

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