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  • Sheryl Stone


It has been a hard week around here. We are disheartened to inform our Mulhurst Camp community that in the early morning of May 10th our camp truck was stolen and reported as such. Unfortunately, the following early morning of May 11th the same individuals felt it their right to return our camp truck, and help themselves to our facilities. What is so disappointing about sharing this with you is that we have such an amazing, generous community that has gifted majority of the items that were taken. Namely the biggest beloved item being our 460 Johne Deere Tractor with a loader. (pictured here) The list also includes: generator, air compressor, 2 chains saws, cordless drill, camera, projector, hard drive, modem, routers, external hard drive, stamps, chqs, deposit books, our incorporation seal and many more office items.

Please pray for our camp and those individuals that think they are more in need of our property then we are. Shine a light on what is true and good, let peace and grace surround us.

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