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Our Playground

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Well I am glad you made it here again! Last time we were here I had said that I had hoped that every couple weeks we will have myself or a guest writer here. My hopes are that this “Son Spot” will fill you. Fill you with memories, educational bits, happenings around here, God’s love or just a smile!

Today I bring you an update on happenings! We have had an incredible time gathering together both summer staff and volunteers to put together our long awaited playground. Funds were raised last year, installation was going to be in the spring but were delayed due to COVID. In July we decided we could gather together outside and put up the playground. It was delayed two weeks due to shipping issues. Nevertheless everything arrived and we began putting the structure together at the beginning of August in +30 weather. We then continued the next day through continuous rain, the last day of installation was perfect with a magnificent storm in the evening! Which led us into some muddy situations for pouring the cement the next day.

Let me tell you something though. If you didn't already know, Mulhurst is blessed with some amazing volunteers and staff! Something else I want to share with you. That combined people hours from the beginning of dirt work, to the middle of lunch prep, to the final of sand installation there will be over 350 hours of love and effort put into this playground! SO if you ever wanted to be surrounded by people with a smile on their face, someone who is there to make a difference in a community, to get in there and get it done, then you need to join us here for our next volunteer venture! Look at what we can accomplish! And WE can not say THANK YOU enough!

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