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Program Lead for Summer 2022

Updated: May 24, 2022

Elizabeth (also known as Lizzie or Sully at camp!) grew up attending family camps at Mulhurst and returned as a youth camper, SIT and SSIP in later years. She notes that some of her all-time favourite things are gathering around campfire, Mulhurst sunsets, outdoor evening widegames, morning chapel and goofy skits. She shares that her dearest and closest friendships began at camp; something that she will be forever grateful for and a desire to foster for others.

She is currently attending the U of A electrical engineering but admits that for over the past month she has spent more time dreaming up new camp activities and spending time outdoors with campers than she has spent studying. She has been a part of the children's programming and praise band at Mount Olivet Lutheran Church in Sherwood Park for many years.

Lizzie is very excited to share her gifts with Mulhurst this summer and invites you to join her and the rest of staff members at the "Place in the Son"

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